Office properties are changing,

can you keep up?

Until the pandemic, office real estate had long been viewed as a dependable asset class with predictable returns. Today’s accelerated pace of change is driven by new ways of working and raises questions about performance, investment and sustainability. The WorkSpace community of experts comes together to explore the new models for profitability and the opportunities for investors, developers, owners, operators, occupiers, and the service providers across the sector.

Who will be there

Nurture your network

The event is an outstanding opportunity to connect across the office property sectors. Throughout the day we’ll encourage collaborative exchanges and promote dialogues that reach far beyond small talk.

Gain critical insights

WorkSpace is the fastest and most reliable way to get up to speed with the office space evolution. We explore: The latest trends •  Actionable strategies • What to watch • Trailblazing use cases • What occupiers want now • The real estate supply chain...

Partner with us

WorkSpace offers a limited number of partnerships to organisations able to talk the talk and walk the walk. Thought leadership and the ambition to shape the future are prerequisites; in return we’ll shine a spotlight on your brand.

Agenda Highlights

The future of work is here and we're all striving to keep up. From Interviews with industry leaders to Fireside Chats and Panel Discussions, this year's agenda is designed with you in mind.

Be part of the conversation as we combat trending sector challenges including the workspace revolution, shaping the future of office culture, combating the traditional middle and many more...

View the full agenda and discover how you can emerge from this one-day event better equipped to implement change.