With the short, medium and long-term implications for the office sector still largely unknown, the industry has rarely faced so daunting and significant a challenge to state and prove its value for UK industry. Join the UK’s leading commercial real estate owners, developers, investors, occupiers, agents, designers and consultants for a collaborative day of networking, ideas, use cases and actionable insight to support you through your workspace investment, planning, design and development journey.

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Panel: Viva la workspace revolution – there will be winners, losers and disruptors!

As we return to a changed landscape of work, who’s willing to adapt and seize the current opportunity? Who are the one’s likely to be left behind? And what players are bold enough to do something wholly exciting?

UK versus Europe workplace market outlook - how volatile is the picture?

Uncover the latest insights into the economic dialogue around workspace demand and investment now versus pre-pandemic. See how the UK compares across Europe and what models are being favoured.

Panel: Avoiding No Man’s Land: Grade A+ and Flex workspaces versus the vast traditional middle – what does the future hold for each?

With an explosion of demand for Grade A, flexible and co-working spaces, is this the death of the traditional middle? And what new opportunities are there for grade B and C spaces in this new era of workspaces?

Brace, brace, brace: The great occupier workspace rethink

Hearing first-hand one customer’s re-examination of their workspace requirements, explore what a good partnership between corporate real estate owners, operators and occupiers looks like with today’s market challenges.

Panel: Shaking up the flexible workspace market – can we all get a piece of the pie?

With continued demand for flexibility and occupiers rethinking their long-term office real estate strategies. Understand what drives the unique appeal and growth in flex space.

The top 5 design trends for the future workspace

With agile environments soon to be overtaking rows of desks, consider how the working layout of offices are shifting and what the investment, development, design and operational consequences will be.