With the short, medium and long-term implications for the office sector still largely unknown, the industry has rarely faced so daunting and significant a challenge to state and prove its value for UK industry. Join the UK’s leading commercial real estate owners, developers, investors, occupiers, agents, designers and consultants for a collaborative day of networking, ideas, use cases and actionable insight to support you through your workspace investment, planning, design and development journey.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks
Founder and Director
Streets Consulting
Opening Keynote: Making work, work – is a new breed of workspace on the horizon?

The future of work is here, and we all need to keep up. Although technologies like cloud, collaboration and connectivity have undoubtedly contributed to this transformation, physical spaces and culture change have struggled to keep up. With an invaluable opportunity to reset, rethink, redesign our workplace strategies, this keynote looks at some of the challenges and opportunities to reinvent work so it works for people, productivity, and the planet. • What is an office for in today’s world?

• How is the global workspace strategy evolving globally and are there regional variations?

• How do we avoid horrible hybrids?

• Is there a case for a digital first strategy and mindset for work?

Principal Innovation Partner
BT Digital Solutions
Interview: Brace, brace, brace: The great occupier workspace rethink

This conversation explores one occupier’s re-examination of their workspace requirements, how their business is adapting to changes created by hybrid working, and how they unite their workforce with a destination workspace.

• Understanding the occupier’s challenges in today’s market: From determining office space requirements, new ways of working policies, moving premises and renegotiating terms of lease • Making real estate a destination and part of the employee value proposition – the journey and the non-negotiables

• What questions are the board asking around office requirements and re-thinking the business model?

• Paris’s ‘Criteo Building’: What does a good collaborative partnership look like?

• More attractive lease terms – why this matters, and how London compares to other world cities?

Interviewed by: Julia Streets, Founder and Director, Streets Consulting

Office, Retail & Life Sciences – Europe
Oxford Properties Group
Senior Director Global Workplace and Real Estate
Presentation: UK versus Europe workplace market outlook - how volatile is the picture?

Hear the latest insights into the economic dialogue around workspace demand and investment now versus pre-pandemic, and how the UK compares against the wider market.

  • Property market movements, valuations and market volatility
  • Insights into the demand for office space, occupancy levels, and density of desks - now versus pre-pandemic, and what the forward trend will be
  • How does the workplace evolution compare across Europe and are we seeing more hub and spoke models?
  • The shift in power from investors to the occupier. Explore what this means for all stakeholders.
  • Osmosis of the office – Discussion on the importance of this for people, productivity and market longevity?
Partner, Strategic Consulting EMEA
Knight Frank
Networking and Refreshment Break
Panel: The workspace revolution – who will be the winners, the losers and the ones to watch?

As we return to a changed landscape of work, who is unhooking from what it used to be and seizing the current opportunity? Who is likely to be left behind and what players are doing something exciting?

• A snapshot of the complicated picture: Office development and the forward trends

• Building a path of adaptability and resilience into 2023: Who will be the workspace winners, losers, and the ones to watch?

• Where are partnerships in our ecosystem working, where do the challenges lie, and are owner-customer relationships improving?

• The great ‘hotelification’: From landlord concierge, a menu of services and investing in soft features, debate the priorities and establish what’s affordable and viable for a developer?

• The changes in demand of lease commitments and lengths – understand how the conversation is evolving?

Moderated by Andy Hillier, Features Editor, Property Week

Director of European Real Estate ESG
Asset Director and Customer Partnerships Director, Workplace,
The Crown Estate
Consulting, Advisory & Transaction Services
Fireside Chat: Designing for diversity: Enabling environments that enrich, connect and include

The pandemic sowed the seeds of a workplace revolution. With a renewed focus on connection, what considerations should be made to enable work environments for the diverse needs of users?

  • Guiding principles for enabling work environments for the diverse needs of users
  • How can workspace operators support businesses with the positives and negatives of hybrid working?
  • Encouraging a human-centric approach: What makes a space inclusive and collaborative?
  • Designing truly gender-neutral places of work for all budgets
  • How do you define, measure and test?

Interviewed by: Julia Streets, Founder and Director, Streets Consulting

Chief Workplace Officer
The Human-Centric Workplace
Workplace Consultant
Morgan Lovell
Networking and Lunch Break
In Conversation: The top 5 design trends for the future workspace

With agile environments soon to be overtaking rows of desks, consider how the general working layout of offices are shifting and what the investment, development, design and operational consequences would be. 

• The top 5 workspace design questions you should be considering that are better suited to the next wave of how we work and use spaces

• Is the demand for lounge-collaboration- multi-use spaces a high-risk fad or here to stay?

• The sustainability and performance enhancing component – how does design feed in?

• Smart tech and big data – getting a big picture on how sites are used, improve performance and lower spend • Build it and they will come: Should your office space reflect your brand in this new era?

• Redesign and retrofitting grade B and C workspaces- how to be smart with space at minimal cost 

Head of Workplace UK and Europe
Avison Young
Chief Workplace & Change Strategist
GoSpace AI
CEO and Co-Founder
Interview: Turning empty spaces into profitable places

The global shift to hybrid working offers a once-in-a-generation opportunity for property owners and investors. Hear from IWG Chief Investment Officer on the latest trends, opportunities and roadmap ahead.

• Is rising levels of vacant real estate space a global trend or unique to certain regions, cities or localities?

• Turning empty spaces into profitable places: Can it truly be done in today’s market and what are the opportunities and risks to players like IWG?

• Discover the socio-economic trends seen of people commuting into city centres and thoughts on the long-term impact to our cities.

• Insights into IWG’s expansion plans: How quickly are locations being added and are specific types of locations favourable?

• How can franchise partners can play a key role in IWG’s expansion?

Interviewed by: Julia Streets, Founder and Director, Streets Consulting

Chief Investment Officer
Panel: Avoiding No Man’s Land: Grade A+ and Flex workspaces versus the vast traditional middle – what does the future hold for each?

The recent phenomenon of how we work has given rise to an assortment of workplaces, but with an explosion of demand for Grade A, flexible and co-working spaces is this the death of the traditional middle?

  • The spread of investment: How is the increase in demand for grade A and A* workspaces impacting investment in grade B and C category stock?
  • Space, character and function: What new opportunities are there for grade B and C spaces and how do we repurpose low-quality office stock to prevent the demolishment and unlock value?
  • Handling the costs associated with occupying a new grade B or C building: From business rates, service charge and upfront category B fit-out costs – is it worth it in today’s market?
  • How can owners support their grade B and C customers to ensure viability and affordability?

Is it time to rest the traditional classification of office space and could this benefit future investors?

Moderator: Michael Kovacs, Founding Partner, Castleforge

Founding Partner
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Workspace trailblazer: A spotlight into the WPP and ASOS

Hear leading case studies detailing their journey into creating a workspace where people thrive. Exploring their considerations around design collaborative multi-use spaces, ESG and future-proofing to meet the needs of the people and the planet.

  • The build journey: Incorporating new and future workspace trends into the design and build
  • How is the notion of teamwork and collaboration building in the workspaces?
  • Lessons learned and advice to occupiers, developers and operators
  • Key considerations - Integrating health, wellbeing, inclusivity and ESG

Moderated by: Mark Ferguson, Director of Transformation, Aura Futures

Director of Transformation
Aura Futures
Director of Real Estate
Chief Creative Officer
Head of Property Projects
C-Suite Panel: Where next for the flexible office market as demand grows?

With flexibility continuing to be in demand, and the need for shorter leases as occupiers decide on their long-term office real estate strategies, what is the allure and unique appeal in flex space and how do we maintain its resilience in this competitive market?

  • Understanding the allure: What is driving the unique appeal and growth in flex space and what are the big trends shaping the sector?
  • Appetite for choice: What are the present-day risks of investment in co-working spaces, where is the money coming from and will soliciting investment from buy-to-let landlords fuel a bubble? 
  • Where is the money coming from: Are co-working providers now soliciting investment from buy-to-let landlords? Is this going to fuel a bubble?
  • Global competition: Can more traditional landlords and smaller players compete with the power of scale and agility in moving to new spaces, locations or territories almost overnight?
  • How do we support customers to determine the extent of office space requirements in this new age and do they prioritise sustainability, technology, design or is affordability the only factor?
  • Benchmarking sustainability: How do we incorporate low-energy and zero-carbon design across small assets and flexible spaces?
  • How do we, as an industry, learn how to operate serviced offices at smaller spaces?

Moderated by Julia Streets, Founder and Director of Streets Consulting

CEO & Co-Founder
Co-CEO and Co-Founder
The Office Group
Chief Investment Officer
Networking Drinks Reception