Sarah-Jane Osborne
Sarah-Jane Osborne
Head of Workplace UK and Europe
Avison Young

During the last 30 years, I’ve enjoyed working with leading organisations across a variety of sectors, helping them to drive business performance by thinking differently about the way they work. Together, we have implemented changes ensuring that their workspaces better support their people to work smarter, to be more adaptable and to maximise productivity while minimising costs.

As well as working across the commercial sector, I’ve been fortunate to engage with numerous top UK legal firms, leveraging my specialist sector knowledge to enable them to succeed in a rapidly changing market.

I’ve welcomed the opportunity to work alongside the leadership teams of some of the UK’s leading law firms, helping them to reshape their work practices and workspaces. We have focused on their ability to adapt to increased competition from combined professional services firms and offshore competitors and to meet and exceed their clients’ increasingly sophisticated expectations of flexible legal services on demand.

I have also guided firms through the impact that a merger or acquisition has had on their property needs, enabling successful integration of their teams and offices.

Session: 14:20 - In Conversation: The top 5 design trends for the future workspace