2021 Conference Agenda

Join us this 1 October for a day of content brought to you by Property Week and AV Magazine and expertly curated in close collaboration with our partners and advisory boards.

We start the day with joint plenary sessions covering both conference streams, with topics and themes universal to both industries before splitting the agenda for a deep dive into each industry as well as the chance to join several roundtables. In the afternoon we'll once again join to wrap things up and summarise the day.

Timings subject to change

Chairs opening remarks
Group Editor
AV Magazine and Electronics Weekly
Founder and Director
Streets Consulting
TRENDS SESSION: Sector-wide research: What employees want from the workplace and the cost of getting it wrong
  • Long term future projection> Is Covid the biggest disruptor we’ll see? Other changes on the horizon
  • Data and analysis of employee desires and plans for their working lives both in short and medium term
  • Insight into how employers see the future of their working practices as regards working from home, and the in-office experience
Rebuilding from Scratch - Recreating Workplace Culture Fit For the Future

Bruce Daisley highlights the benefits of reducing the number of interruptions from emails, the importance of striking the right work-life balance, and the contribution which digital social media is making to our lives. His 2019 book on improving work culture, “The Joy of Work”, was the Sunday Times number one business bestseller in spring 2019 which also went on to be named The Financial Times made it Book of the Month. Professor Sir Cary Cooper described it as ‘a joy to read’ and best selling business author Dan Pink said it ‘can help transform your work experience’.

Ex Twitter VP, now workplace culture enthusiast
Decision making criteria as we transition from reactive pandemic-management to long term flexibility.

Two different businesses compare the workplace data they are working with and the outcomes they are planning for.

One: Back to the Office Back to the office:

Many occupiers want to get back into an office, but their requirements have fundamentally changed. Paul draws on Derwent’s experiences in the last year to discuss how the war for talent will be won/how the flight to quality will work in practice

Hosted by: Paul Williams, CEO, Derwent

Presentation Two: Long term hybrid working

Creating an ideal balance between staff wellbeing and empowerment, and efficiency for the NHS Providing inspiring workspaces to support our NHS colleagues and enabling smarter working is balanced with maximising property efficiencies and cost saving opportunities around the NHS office estate. This is linked to the changing requirements for space, with new ways of working and the systematic changes in the NHS. Kate delivers a keynote focussing on the trends in this area and the NHS Property Services contribution to estate planning in the NHS.

Hosted by: Kate Richardson, Head of National Office Programme, NHS

Head of National Office Programme

One Event, Double the Opportunity

Following the morning's joint sessions, the two agendas will split to focus on specific themes and topics. Registrants for WorkSpace also gain free access to the AV Works conference agenda, so feel free to dip in and out of sessions based on the themes that appeal to you.

Workspace Conference

Evolving for growth within a changing investment landscape: Current forces exerted on the property market
  • What is currently driving the investment landscape?
  • How would an extended period of M&A affect the property market?
  • The role of Net Carbon Zero targets in investment decision making
  • How are investors identifying robust opportunities now? Clusters, flexible design, sustainability criteria.
  • The response of the property development sector and the ultimate impact on the options occupiers have


Helen Causer, Office and Investment Lead King’s Cross, Argent

Alastair Moss, Planning and Transportation Chair, City of London

Caroline McCarthy, Head of Fund Management, IPUT Real Estate Dublin

Gareth Lewis, Real Estate Director, PwC UK

Office and Investment Lead
Planning and Transportation Chair
City of London
Panel: Shared workspace as part of the hybrid working environment
  • Analysis of the economic costs and benefits of shared space for occupiers and for property developers
  • The practicalities of employees acting as consumers of commodified office-space
  • Satellite locations and the efficiencies they might provide
  • Clusters and adjacencies, opportunity for collaboration as shared space evolves and specializes


Justin Harley, Regional Director, Yardi

Charlie Green, Co-Founder and CEO, TOG The Office Group

Michael Kovacs, Founding Partner, Castleforge

Regional Director
Co-Founder and CEO
TOG The Office Group
Roundtables: Flexible space: How to get it and what to do with it

1) Discovering what flexibility means for your employees. Occupier-led

Hosted by: Kate Richardson, Head of National Office Programme, NHS

2) Using flexible office layouts to drive productivity

3) Designing flexible new-builds: Investor -led discussion on the credentials they are looking for

4) Retrofitting long-term flexible solutions to older office buildings

5) Reactive retrofitting: Speed-focussed tactics to get your workforce back in action

Wellness as a structural requirement of your space
  • Using your office’s ‘public realm’ to its greatest potential: Community, the active commute, gyms, social and casual meeting space
  • De-densification and looking carefully at stacking, grouping, and amenities to make employees feel good
  • Designing your office to prevent unconscious bias and support diversity
  • Green space for air quality, culture, desirability, and biodiversity


Ann Marie Aguilar, Senior Vice President, WELL Building Institute

Andrew Lazarow, Director of Strategy and Story, Rockwell Group

Felicity Beasley, Director, NREP

Ciara Keeling, CEO, Bruntwood Works

Senior Vice President EMEA
International WELL Building Institute

AV Works Conference

The potential wins from architecturally-integrated AV: A briefing

How to design and create a building that enhances community, decision-making and employees sense of their own value. Andrew uses recent examples, data and experience to explain the way technology installation can revolutionize the workplace

Hosted by: Andrew Lazarow, Director of Strategy and Story, Rockwell Group

The CIO's perspective on the future use and design of buildings.

Magnus applies his years of expertise to the way technology will operate in future workplaces, not as distinct and siloed IT, AV, or corporate services but as a holistic system which will need careful design and senior level input at the outset.

  • Assume technology will be delivered "as a service"
  • Internet access will be like providing wireless electricity which will impact the need for fit outs and bespoke cabling
  • Buildings are no longer a place for doing your email; what are they instead?
  • Hybrid interactions will have interestingly different acoustic requirements
  • Flexibility of layouts will be essential with low cost of change
  • Booking spaces, equipment, services will need to be as easy as booking a colleague's calendar...building management systems will need to integrate

Hosted by: Magnus Falk, CIO Advisor, Zoom

Panel: Technology’s role in employees’ experience of their work environment
  • How can the latest tech and design bring choice to the workplace?
  • Business function, people and process: Creating an assessment and delivery system that ensures the tech is always fit for purpose
  • Untethering person from desk: Mobility, agility and connectivity
  • Connection between people and place: What role does workplace technology play? Not just in the call/conference but in the career


Emma Bigg, AV Design & Strategy, Octavius RE

Vince Simpson, CEO, Project Management Consultan

AV Designer and Strategist
Octavius RE
Roundtables: Technology that drives collaboration

1) Today’s user requirements and the property life cycle

Hosted by: Amy Cronshaw, Founder + CEO, Beyond Workplace Consulting

2) What does collaboration mean post-Covid?

Hosted by: Vince Simpson, CEO, Project Management Consultant

3) The next steps for video conferencing

4) Guarding against rapid obsolescence

5) Creating equality of experience in hybrid working environments

6) Using technology to drive business forward – getting a seat at the board table

Hosted by:  Helen Causer, Office and Investment Lead King’s Cross, Argent

7) Planning CAPEX and OPEX - a tutorial in realistic balance sheets that allow you to leverage the money you’ve spent on tech. For Occupiers

8) AV in the shared office: Creating true interoperability that is user-friendly

Interview: Cross-sector inspiration: The seismic shift in technology usage in university teaching and community, and how you can apply it to the work-place

Caroline reveals the technology and innovation that has allowed the fascinating and rapid evolution of the university experience.

Understanding how Caroline meets the demands of the lecture-hall and delivering an immersive, high-quality interaction for a paying audience of students will help you push the boundaries as you create equality of experience in the hybrid office environment.

- Cameras that follow the speaker – why, how and to what degree of success?

- Using AV over IP to maximise flexibility

- Co-Pilots in an online lecture – how might the technique work in a commercial setting?

- Av technology to bring back a sense of community – what has worked and what hasn’t?

- Medium and long-term strategy: What goes and what stays in a post-pandemic university environment?

Technology Delivery Manager
Imperial College London
Keynote Panel: Meeting your environmental objectives
  • What is an environmentally friendly office space? Definition and metrics for investors, for government and for employees
  • Building management systems to allow efficiency
  • Achieving Net Carbon Zero: The major obstacles and their solutions
  • Visibility and environmental credibility in the construction industry
Case Study: Creating a desirable office -competing with the convenience of home
  • Change management: Leading a fundamental shift in workplace usage
  • Understanding workplace policy and structures to allow the new office and tech deliver
  • Analysis of the people and organisations that must work together to bring about a transition
  • Design and specification through procurement and construction: A best case time-line
Presentation: Infrastructure and planning that supports long term improvements in the commercial and working environment.
Planning and Transportation Chair
City of London
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