Tania Adir
Tania Adir

From commodity to SAAS (space as a service) - who dares wins

The barriers between the live/work divide are blurring and ushering in a new era of space as a service. It is no longer enough for an office to be simply a piece of real estate; occupiers want facilities and technologies that not only let them do their jobs, but foster wellbeing and a sense of community. In the age where on-demand is king, offices and the services they offer must evolve to take the form of what their occupiers want, when they want them. More than ever, landlords and occupiers need to work together to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to creating offices for the streaming generation.

Tania founded one of London’s leading flexible workspaces, Uncommon. Following a career in property development she moved into the world of interior design and is now the sole designer for all their spaces (Fulham, Borough, Highbury & Islington and as of May this year, their new 8 floor flagship space on Liverpool Street). Uncommon has been created to primarily help increase levels of productivity in a considered and thoughtful environment to boost creativity, making it the perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone who wants to experience a fresh, natural and encouraging approach to day to day work life. It took Tania (aged 31) less than five years of working in finance and law to discover that the corporate life wasn’t for her. “Developing my first property was the turning point,” says Tania. “I realised that I can’t sit in a corporate office environment, I need somewhere that inspires me, that feeds my creativity and increases productivity…enter Uncommon” Tania and her husband set up the development firm, G&T London in 2010, aged 23 and 24, and began renovating single high-value flats in central locations. In 2014, their astounding refurbishment of a Georgian building, 58 Myddelton Square, sold in excess of £5m; at the time the most expensive single house ever sold in Islington. Tania was never daunted by being a young developer in a competitive market, though admit she does have battle scars. People see your age and wonder what you know about life. Property isn’t a traditionally young field in the way technology is and she also had to tackle the issue of being female in a male-dominated industry.

Email: Tania.Adir@uncommon.com